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Building and Keeping Momentum

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When momentum is on your side, playing sports seems effortless. You’re making birdies, scoring goals, hitting boundaries,scoring points at will, and riding a wave of confidence and momentum. But the going gets tough when you are caught under negative momentum. There are three momentum states in sport: positive momentum, negative momentum, or neutral. Lets find out how we can build and ride a wave of positive momentum and more importantly successfully handle and get past the negative momentum.

What you See is what you Get

Train your mind to focus on the good breaks you get while playing and build on them. When the mind focuses on the good plays and breaks, its easier to forget or not pay heed to the bad plays or a few bad breaks. The other benefit is that you start playing with confidence and the momentum keeps building in strength.

Respond & not React

Momentum is built on our emotions & thus negative emotions can lead to negative momentum during play. When things aren’t happening the way we expected it to or worse still when bad breaks happen, do you get upset, frustrated or dejected? Its very important to build our ability to deal with or ‘respond’ to the first mistake or bad break in a composed and matured way, rather than ‘react’ violently. Our ability to respond to life, depends on our ability to make things occur to us in a way that gives us hope or power, rather than seeing the bad break as our doom or failure. Cheer yourself and pick out one thing you did well. Did you make a good decision? Did you pick a smart target? Did you execute well?

Every next play is an Opportunity

We can create momentum when we don’t have one by always being open to Possibilities. We must view each new shot, as a new opportunity which is not dictated by our memory or the past but by our creative imagination of the future that we desire. Instead of waiting for a good result to happen, take charge by staying in the moment, and practice positive affirmations and self talk. Say to yourself: “this shot is going to get me back on track and on top”!

Riding the Good Wave

How to handle Success is also as important as it is to learn how to handle Failures. When momentum is going our way, we should learn to handle it and continue to ride on it till the end. When the going is great, many a times our brain thinks hey “it’s too good to be true” and/or “good things can’t continue to happen” ! and we will only crash from this good wave. Usually in these situations, our Brain makes us protect our score and this mind-set will only start focusing on the next mistake that we will make. We must rather just focus on the good and believe that you can continue to make good plays and go for every true opportunity rather than being conservative.