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Mental Toughness Programs

You can improve your mental game with a one-on-one Program with Sujith in Bangalore or get coaching from anywhere in the world via telephone, Skype, FaceTime or video conferencing. All programs include:

  1. Athlete’s Mental Aptitude Assessment (AMAP)
  2. Custom Mental Game Plan
  3. Weekly Coaching Sessions
  4. Unlimited email correspondence
  5. Mental Edge Workbooks or performance boosting Worksheets

One-on-one mental coaching is the fastest and most effective method to improve your mental game, boost your performance, and make lasting changes. You can choose form a variety of mental coaching programs that I offer.

Beginner Program

Experience Level, 0-2 years in sports

Elite Program

Experience Level, 5-10 years in sports

Expert Program

Experience Level, 2-5 years in sports

VIP Program

Experience Level, 10+ years in sports

Program Details

  • Full 8-hour day Sessions
  • Athlete’s Mental Aptitude Assessment
  • Custom Mental Game Plan
  • Onsite Personal Sessions
  • Mental Game Strategy Sessions
  • Customised Course Structures
  • Unlimited Email Correspondence
  • Exclusive Mental Edge Workbooks
  • Mental Toughness Strategies
  • In Person Practice Session
  • Results Oriented Mental Routine
  • Personal Performance Tracking

To Book A Package, Call Sujith on 91-9845211023 or Send an Email to sujithsom@gmail.com