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Dear Sir,

We thank you for all support you are extending to Neeraj , on how to manage himself on the Golf Course .

Let me just give you a small reference.  On the 2nd day , while he was just practicing on the Driving Range :

1)      He complained of severe Stomach Ache .

2)      He finished his Practice Session  and headed to the Club House for some rest ( Because he had almost 45 Mins to Tee off ,  which was at 8:20 AM )  , there the organizers saw him & bundled him off to the 1st TEE BOX at 7:50 AM itself and scared him that if he does not reach the TEE BOX in 5 Mins he will be given a 2 Stroke Penalty .

3)      He RAN AWAY to the 1st Tee BOX without even having a Glass Of Water or even 10 Min’s REST .

4)      In the Process he LOST his only GLOVE which he put into his BACK POCKET in his Trousers .

5)      After he reached the 1st TEE BOX , he discovered he had also not collected his SCORE CARD .He came running all the way to the Organizer stall to collect the SCORE CARD and ran back . It was chaos all over .

6)      His  TEE OFF for the first 2 Holes was without a GLOVE , as he played 2 Holes with Bare Hands. He made a Bogie & a Par first 2 Holes .

All through this , his MIND WAS CALM , COOL & COMPOSED . We attribute this solely to your influence on him . He stood 2nd in C Category as he shot 11 Over which was speculator considering the weather was  very HOT, SULTRY  & HUMID conditions . Even the localities claimed it was stupendous effort considering it is a ruthless Golf Course in Chennai , with very harsh fairways and unfriendly Greens…!

Best Regards,

– Parent of a Budding Golfer


I have been working with Sujith sir as my Mind Coach for almost eight years now. His teachings and advice has been tremendously helpful. Being a highly accomplished sportsman himself, he can relate and identify the challenges that I face every now and then.

Amongst several other things, we have worked on organising my thoughts as a sportsman and generally as a person too and to deal with every distraction in a systematic manner. Working with sir I have recognised the importance of integrity and discipline. This has not only helped me to become a better golfer but a better human too.

I consider Sujith Sir my Mentor and value all his words of advice. We share a great relationship and I’m lucky to have come in contact with him.

-Professional Golfer

Dear Sir,
The shooters thoroughly enjoyed your sessions, and were greatly
motivated after the one-on-one sessions.
On behalf of all the shooters and the team at GoSports Foundation,
I would like to thank you once again for your time.
We look forward to meeting you again soon.
Best regards,
Athlete Manager